Friday, July 29, 2005

Seriousgamer, your on the clock.

Yes, it has come to this. Everyone by now, knows who seriousgamer007 is, and the kind of games that he plays(I have my personal thoughts on him, but I'll try and not let it mar this post) with his readers.

Much like in Aesop's famous "The boy who cried wolf", seriousgamer has made cries of "Revolution!", and everytime he does, people run to his blog, only to be told; "I'm sorry, your Revolution is in another castle. Come back on Thursday to get the REAL news"

After a supposed "legal threat" scare, he has come back, in full force, claiming all sorts of fancifull things that have Nintendo fans, foaming at the mouth. Now, after having lured people back to his site with claims of A Nintendo machine as powerfull as both the PS3/360 combined, he is telling everyone that visit's his site, that this weekend;

"Another Piece of the Puzzle will be Revealed. I will give you something that is Incomprehensible."~Seriousgamer007

I say great. After countless delays, fake pictures, poems of Nintendo glory, and (supposed) legal trouble, your finally going to reveal "something that is Incomprehensible". That means, your on the clock seriousgamer. If nothing new is produced this weekend, your finished. No more "phone calls", no more "legal trouble, no more EXCUSES. It's time to put up, or shut up, becuase I'll tell you this;

We Nintendo fans can sure as hell comprehend Bullshit.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


There has been rampant speculation recently, regarding a possible Visor for the Nintendo Revolution, and it stems from the Emagin/Nintendo connection. No, this is not going to be some rumour-busting messege, or another dismissed blogger, but rather a look, at what may be possible with a head-mounted unit, and what is possible if done right. It's a look to the future, becuase it is an inevitable leap, that at some time will be made. I hope that this is what the "Revolution" is, becuase truly, it could be wonderous.

People tend to scoff at even the notion of a visor, be it for several reasons. "I don't want to wear some stupid helmet", "It will burn the eyeballs out of your head", "Look at the Virtual Boy", e.t.c. I say to these people;

Use your imagination. Think about what it would be like to stand amongst your Pikmin, looking at them, with the same wonder and awe, Miyamoto did when he was inventing the idea, looking at ants in his own garden. Imagine yourself standing on a grassy hill, overlooking Hyrule, and stopping so that Epona can drink from the babbeling brook running beside you. Imagine yourself standing on the edge of a cliff, pearing down to the lavaflow below, and hearing a screech from behind you, whirling around, slowly looking up to the 25' tall hideous creature that is Ridley staring you right in the face.

These are the things that become possible with a VR visor. Bieng truly immersed into your world. No longer would outside distractions, invade your dream-world. You become who you want, when you want, for exactly as LONG as you want.

Gaming is all about getting away from it all, and there would be nothing better, then to slip on that visor, and just...escape. Gaming would become almost a spirtual journey, into the unknown, with only your wits, and trusty sword by your hand.

Racing games would become something entirly different. No longer would you have to toggle the rear-view mirror with a button press, or guess that another car was coming up alongside you. You could simple turn your head, and then side-swipe the opposing driver, sending him realing into several on-coming cars, and then simply look at the rear-view mirror to witness the utter destruction you have just cuased.

Open your minds, to the sheer joy you would get from entering an online village, knowing that your walking amongst other players from around the world, perhaps purchasing new suits of armour, and a new steed. How about visiting with other real people in Animal Crossing, actually boarding a train, going to your friends house, and play a virtual video-game of Mario-Kart, in your virtual house, no, your virtual-world.

These are the things I think about, when A visor is discussed, not wether or not I look dorky wearing it, becuase hell knows I "dorky" already, sitting on my couch holding a controller in my hand, screaming at the TV becuase the game is "unfair".

Here's to hoping Nintendo does indeed include a visor with the Revolution, becuase after playing the same games, for over 20years with just "better graphics", change is due. Perhaps,a Revolution is due.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Seriousgamer007 admits he's a FAKE. AGAIN.

Well, for the second time in about 2months, seriousgamer007, has admitted to bieng a fraud. In other news, the sky is blue.

He contends legal action. I hope this puts to rest, the blog, and the fraud, that would not die. Xenias can now R.I.P.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Going out on a limb.

I, after having throughly investigated the audio heard here;

can now state, that the call, and the words contained within the audio are in fact real.

Several reasons why this is the case, I will now outline;

Myself, along with Thought-Epiphany of the MozLaPunk forums, have made several calls to the Emagin Company (The Seattle branch: Virtual Vision, Inc.7659 178th Place N.E.Redmond, WA 98052) and the voices heard on the Audio recording, are in fact, the same people at this particular branch. The female operator is the same, and the man called Bruce, is real as well.

There is no debate as to the authenticty of the call, or the people heard on the recording. 100% FACT. What is NOT known at this time, is what the metting was about, or of any deal was struck between the two companies.

There are alot of debates as to what the nature of the meeting(s) are about. Everything from the headset display, to the suggestion that Emagin is going to produce the screen for the upcoming GBA Micro.(Although the likelyhood of them producing the screen for the GBA Micro is slim.)

I have also researched Emagin's 2003 Annual Report , and have come across several tantilizing portions, that I will now share with you;

"We believe that our head-wearable display products will enhance the following consumer products: • Entertainment and gaming video headset systems, which permit individuals to view television, including HDTV, video CDs, DVDs and video games on virtual large screens or stereovision in private without disturbing others. Even though entertainment and gaming headsets represent an emerging product class, we are seeing demand from OEMs. Headset game systems for portable computers with head tracking and/or stereovision appears to be our predominant high quantity near term market opportunity, with several customers indicating an interest in large production quantities of our displays. Our current SVGA-3D display was designed specifically for this market. We believe that these new headset game systems can provide a game or telepresence experience not otherwise practical using conventional direct view display technology. We expect low cost to be important for success in this field, and expect our product cost to decrease in high quantity production. At the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show, Leadtek Research Inc. (Taiwan) announced that it was planning to introduce a consumer HMD using eMagin SVGA-3D displays."


"An OEM design cycle typically requires between 6 and 24 months, depending on the uniqueness of the market and the complexity of the end product. New product development may require several design iterations prior to commercialization. Some of our initial customers have completed their initial evaluation cycle and we are now receiving follow-on orders and notification of product purchase decisions. Several customers have indicated their intent to incorporate potentially high volumes of our microdisplays into consumer products beginning in 2004 15 through 2006, pending successful completion of their own product development efforts." As of December 31, 2003 we had a backlog of purchase agreements of approximately $30 million. The majority of our backlog consists of purchase agreements for delivery over the next 24 months. Most purchase orders are subject to rescheduling or cancellation by the customer with no or limited penalties. Because of the possibility of customer changes in delivery schedules or cancellations and potential delays in product shipments, our backlog as of a particular date may not be indicative of net sales for any succeeding period. Lack of working capital through the early part of 2003 delayed our ability to ship the full quantity of purchase agreements and purchase orders on hand, and has required negotiations with customers for delays in product launch schedules. Some customers have experienced delays in their expected product launch schedules due to their own product development delays not directly related to our microdisplays.

I am in no way stating that Nintendo will include a 3D-Visor with the Revolution, I am mearly showing the relevance of what is included in Emagin's 2003 report. Go through it for yourself, and determine what you will.

Another interesting concept has been theorized by MozLaPunks very own Thought-Epiphany. You can read it here;

Remember, the only thing I am telling you, the reader, is that the phone-call, and the voices heard on the recording, are in FACT, 100% REAL.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Opinion. Revolution details needed Nintendo, and SOON.

Nintendo needs to release the floodgates concerning it's upcoming videogame system the Revolution, or risk losing gamers. It's that simple. There hasn't been a time in the past 20 years, when the "Big N" was more maligned. It seems on every messege board I visit, lifelong fans of Nintendo are bailing on the gaming giant in droves. The recent news of Resident Evil5, seems to have been a tidalwave, sweeping away many of the people on the cusp of wether or not to purchase Nintendo's newest console.

Bieng a lifelong Nintendo fan myself(I have always owned other systems, but purchased more games for Nintendo consoles, mainly due to the fact of Nintendo's steller track record of great games) I can honestly say, that I am to the point of not caring about what Nintendo has up it's sleeve. It seems everyday, some great game is announced for the PS3/X-BOX360, and Nintendo is not in the loop. More and more game screens, details on online play, and news in general have made me disinterested.

This may seem like just another fan, selling Nintendo short, but it's not. I know what they have done for the industry, and I know how important they can be, but with that said, Nintendo is selling it's own fans short. It seems that they are Almost encouraging people to seek out, and purchase other systems.

Microsoft is gearing up for the launch of the 360, wich is right around the corner. If Nintendo thinks that the next installment of the Zelda series is going to somehow keep people from buying the next x-box they are sadly mistaken. I understand that the Revolution is slated for next year, launching alongsie the PS3, but mindshare is a very important asset, that cannot be squandered. Once it's lost, it's tough to recover.

All I am asking is that Nintendo release some images, and announce some games for the Revolution. Don't show the controller if it's that important, but at LEAST SHOW YOUR LOYAL FANS SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Otherwise, you risk bieng marginalized in the very industry you helped revive from the ashes of the Atari debacle.

Do something soon Nintendo, or whatever "Revolution" you have planned, may fall on deaf ears.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The pile just keeps getting bigger.

The sheer amount of fake Revolution news, is reaching absurd levels. The lengths people will go to, to get thier names out in the public areana, saying; "I've got the goods", is almost laughable. It would seem, that almost everyone, including those who have a great distaste for Nintendo, are getting "antsy", and want an update on the Revolution, so people have gone to extraordinary lengths, to try and fill that need.

I am assuming that everyone by now, knows about the game called "Xenias", the absolute junk over at seriousgamers blog, and the pictures he claims to have. Nevermind the fact that they pics are from an ATI demo on thier homepage;

I mean, how crazy do you have to be to think no ones going to find this out? Other pics of Xenias(One of wich now occupies my desktop becuase of it's beauty) were found out to be from;

The only real news on the Revolution, is that it now comes in Blue. This is seen in a pic taken from an e-mail given to subscribers;

That's it folks. The big news, is blue. Unless you find it at be wary.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Direct response to Falafelkid.

First off, I'd like to thank you for finding out, exactly what this company has done for Nintendo. Kudos. (Even though I had already determined that for myself, I had neglected to include that in my story for the readers of this blog. Although, I did provide a link to the company, as well as the FAQ) The more things we can put to rest, the better as far as i'm concerned.

Secondly, even though, you sound upset with me(For reasons I can suppose, but I'd rather hear them from you) I consider your blog one of the finest, for Revolution information, and speculation. It always promises to be a good read.

On a side note, my story(Actually garnered from the gamespot forums) was exactly what I said it was, a confirmed partner with Nintendo, nothing more, nothing less. I didn't speculate as to if it was the "secret" of the Revolution, or otherwise. I just gave the heads up, what the company does, along with a link. I stated, throughout my post, that it MAY have something to do with the Revolution, as in the puzzle Iwata himself mentioned. I didn't go off the deep end, at any time. It is, what it is. A confirmed partner with Nintendo. The full extent of thier relationship is not known to me, nor is it known to you.

"I will forgive him for the spelling. But this guy is just another juvenile blogger spreading wild rumours like the majority of kids out there, without ever bothering to provide his readers with any kind of research.He claims to only put out stuff that is real. Instead, his journalistic routine involves no more than pressing Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V. Nothing else."

I have no problem with your opinion of me, that's your buisness. The personal insults I can do without though. If by "juvenile blogger" you mean new to this whole blog buisness, then yes, I am. When people branch out, and try new things, thier level of professionalism goes up with time, and I hope that mine does just that. (I also hope that the readers can bear with me)

If you somehow meant that I am a young kid, with nothing to do, you couldn't be more wrong. I do this for fun. It's a hobby,(Gaming) and it always has been. My age(28), or my profession(Film Maker) has nothing to do with this blog, or the quality of the contents within. I never claimed to be a journalist(Even though I did have some schooling on the profession) nor do I do an overwhelming amount of research. If you had read some of my earlier blogs, you would have understood that. I use alot of common sense, and help from the fine forum regulars over at the MozLaPunk forums, as well as other blogs, and messege boards strewn about the Internet.

Pointing out my spelling errors, is juvenile. Attacking me for posting an interesting story, about a company that indeed has ties with Nintendo, is juvenile. Attacking my person, is juvenile.

What matters to me, and it would seem to alot of the readers of this blog, is the truth, about the up-coming Nintendo Revolution, and the secret function(s) it may posses. Spreading "wild rumours" is for blogs, other than mine. It's the reason for just posting the link, and what the company does, along with the fact that Nintendo is a client of thiers. Everything else, I left to the messege boards, and blogs. (The word Juicy, was included becuase it was the first time, a DIRECT LINK was found between a company providing a form of VR, and Nintendo)

In ending this rebuttal to your blog, I suppose I could call you names, and point out various spelling errors, but whats the point? You and me both, share a common theme;

We want to know what the "Revolution" is.

That's why I will continue to provide the readers of this blog, with a direct link to your blog, so that they may enjoy reading your fine work, and speculation.

Keep up the good work my friend, and I hope to read something of yours very soon,


Thursday, July 14, 2005

Very interesting *UPDATE*

Well, remington1983 over at the Gamespot forums, has found a very, very, juicy tid-bit of information, that may reveal a portion of the Revolution "puzzle"(As Itwata stated in his E3 speech)

Everyone ready? Becuase as you know, this is a FACT based blog, and I will NEVER get into the speculation surrounding the Revolution. I just provide, what is REAL, and what is NOT. This company, has ties with Nintendo, and on thier website, in this-> FAQ, this is printed,

"Lightspeed Design Group has been a leader in stereo 3D for over a decade, developing new hardware and software technologies and presenting 3D to millions through museum theaters, corporate events, and a world exposition. Lightspeed has considerable expertise in 3D projection, software development, and electronics. Lightspeed's clients include Mercedes, U.S. Army, Continental Teves, Procter & Gamble, Nintendo, IMAX Corporation, and Disney Imagineering."

Nintendo is listed as a 'client' of this company. What does this company do?

A: Stereo 3D/VR (virtual reality) is the process of interacting with a computer simulation in a three-dimensional virtual world. These worlds can be as realistic as an aircraft interior or as abstract as a protein molecule. In principal, any true 3D computer world, for example 3D games, can be transformed into a stereoscopic 3D image.

For more info, head over to the website link provided. It is what it is folks, a CONFIRMED partner with Nintendo. It may, or may not be a clue on the Revolution, but at least we know THIS to be true.

Lot's of stuff to sort through.

After what seemed like a lull in Revolution "news", there seems to have been an explosion of new things to debunk, and tear to shreds.

The first thing(person) I'd like to tackle is this Seriousgameroo7. Listen up folks, this guy is an ADMITTED FAKE. How he claims to have screens, from a game(Xenias) that doesn't exist(Was first reported about in a FAKE interview) is beyond me. I mean, once your an amitted FRAUD, who the hell is going to believe you? Cry wolf Jack, and your through. Cry wolf twice, and well, throw you to the wolves.

I will start at the most recent on this joker;

At his blog (I feel bad even giving you the link) he claims to have interviewed a memeber of the ATI group, working on the Revolutions new chipset. The first problem with the interview, is that this person(He calls him JI) knows about BOTH chipsets. Well, seeing as how both divisions are seperate from each other, no one within the company, save for maybe the president, would know the details about both chipsets. This was outlined when ATI agreed to do the GPU's for the X360/Revolution. This stops the competition from knowing(Because both sides have reps going in and out of ATI) what the other is doing. I find it hard to believe that ATI is willing to risk Billions of Dollars becuase of poor controll over ther employees. This does not make good buisness sense. If Nintendo truly has some sort of Revolutionary new system planned for the masses, do you really think that the people actually working on the GPU would be giving interviews to some blog, let alone a reputable site like IGN, or Gamespot? Absurd. Not to mention the risk of having Microsoft learn what Nintendo is up to, and this leaking out and ATI loses everything. Nvidia would LOVE for something like this to happen. ATI is not going to risk something like this.

Secondly, he has posted some new pics of this "Xenias" game, that Retro studios, is "supposedly" working on. Man, has this guy got connections or what? I mean hell, the big guys, who actually have money, like IGN, and Gamespy, and are connected with Nintendo, can't even get pics, or specs, but this guy has both! Absurd. Anyway, here they are;

Whatever the HELL these images are from, I can 100% guarantee you they are NOT from Xenias, or from the Revolution. Remember people, this guy is an amitted FAKE.

Now, on to other matters.... is up to it again. This time doing a Q&A! It's not enough that everything he's saying comes without a SHRED of EVIDENCE, he now has the GALL to answer questions from people wanting any scrap of information on the Nintendo Revolution. Until this blogger provides ANYTHING resembling PROOF, he's a FAKE. No matter how many poorly drawn controllers he spews out of paint, take everything he says with a grain of salt.

HIS imaginary controller, includes the following;

Gyroscopic controls, Directional Haptic Feedback, Connect's to Revolutions WI-FI, Can heat-up and Cool down, and, a trackball. Could it be something like this?;

Well, if that's the big deal, I hope Nintendo get's it to the market before these guys do on the PS2/PS3. Why would NIntendo go through all the trouble with new patents, calling the system "Revolution", when it has a trackball on the controller, and a company has been working on this for over a YEAR now? Nintendo has stated that the Revolution starts at the controller. Or maybe, just maybe that's where "King" got his idea from? Anyway, here is "King's" controller;

Looks very similar to the Gamecubes controller, so it would seem, that "King" doesn't have a very good imagination, nor does Nintendo.

Here's the probelm with this guy. He won't stand firm on anything,(Prototype controller, could change, i didn't touch the controller) won't provide any proof(To risky, "professional suicide"), and makes people wait for updates. The last bieng the biggest indicator of B.S. Just spill the beans and move on. Don't get into blog wars, personal insults, e.t.c. UNLESS of course, you intend to drag this out for as long as you can, and need time to make up your LIES.

Next up: NinREV06 proven fake;

Good job fellow blogger. Good job. It time to take these guys down.

That's it for now. I'll be back, when "it" get's so thick, you can't even breath.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Cost, Cost, Cost.

Some of the things people come up with, for the Revolution, sound fantastic. Problem is, many of these "ideas" are so cost prohibative, they just cannot be done with cost in mind. One of the many rumours to spead around the Videogame universe, is the holographic display, someone witnessed in a demo of the Revolutons controller.(In a dark room, with about 20 people, e.t.c.. you know the deal)

In the demo he described a bowling ball demonstration, where the bowling ball floated in mid-air, centimeters above the flat-display in the center of the controller. He went on to say that when he "blew" on the ball, it moved(!), and then rolled off his controller, and then instantly appeared on the television. Sounds fantastic huh? I mean, that would revolutionize the industry, and send Microsoft, and Sony reeling.

Sound to good to be true? Right, that's becuase it is. If you check out this website;

You can watch a very "Star Wars esque" type of demo with a simple wrist-Watch. It looks astounding, and fits the exact bill, described in the supposed "insiders" testimony. The problem arises when you look at the cost of one of these units;

$18,400. Yup, your reading that right. almost $19,000. Oh, and by the way, the interactive model is;

$26,200. Isn't that nice? According to this "insider", Nintendo somehow managed to find a way, to use this type of tech, for mere pennies on the dollar,(You know, Nintendo is the supposed donar of the 300,000$ research grant to NASA.) utilizing NASA technology.

Well hell, I hope Nintendo starts using Automobiles in thier console designs, that way I could purchase a Porsche, for just the cost of a X-tra value meal at Mc'donalds.

But, alas, such is the life of these "insiders". Why would they consider cost, when spewing blatant B.S.? Oh that's right, they didn't invent the technology, just the story.


I have recieved some interesting comments about my blog over the past week, that vary from "good work", to "how can you debunk everything so quickly"? This is what it comes down to;

Common sense.

Most of the things I debunk, come from research into what path Nintendo has taken, and what direction they are going. If you look at past history, Nintendo has a very Jeckle and Hyde track record when it comes to big innovations for thier consoles. Nintendo has "changed the game" many times over the decades, but without completely altering how the game itself is played.(Save for the Virtual boy, but I'll get to that later)

Nintendo was willing to completely change how we played, when they introduced the analog stick on the Nintendo64, but left the D-pad, and stuck with carts', when the mainstream was moving more twords optical based media.(Playstation, 3DO, Saturn) Instead of sticking with what worked on the original NES controller,(ala Sony and the PS2) they went out and added not only two more buttons on the face of the controller, but added shoulder buttons for the SNES, while retaining the shape of the original, as to not alienate those who enjoyed the original.

(For more understanding on how Nintendo "evolves",

None of the changes made in Nintendo platforms are so extreme, that they move away from what has worked, and has made them Billions of dollars(Or Yen). Most of Nintendo's new ideas are Evolutions, not Revolutions. I expect this trend to continue with thier upcoming console.

If you look at the DS, it has almost the exact same design as the original Gameboy. If you look at how the DS became what it is today, look at how many times the original line has slowly changed over the years;

Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advanced, GBAsp, and now the NintendoDS. That's 5 iterations of almost the exact same Hardware, with only the "big leap" coming in the form of a touch screen for the DS. Now, the touch screen offers up a huge innovation, and change, but guess what, NO odd-ball new buttons, NO diverting from WHAT HAS WORKED. Four face buttons, from two, just like the NES, to SNES. Added shoulder buttons just like the NES to SNES,(SP had them first) hell, it took Nintendo almost 20YEARS to add stereo sound to thier Handheld line!

Nintendo has offered up some of the biggest changes in the videogames, as history proves. Even with that said, history also tells us that they will NEVER deviate from what makes videogames fun to play, and PROFITABLE.

(For some more on the Virtualboy;

Now, the VirtualBoy, Nintendo's "black sheep", and oddity that sprung from the mind of legendary Metroid creator Gunpei Yokei.(Now deceased) This machine is a rare glimpse into what Nintendo sees as the future of videogames. I have no doubt in my mind, that had the VB been a hit, Nintendo today, would be a very different company. It was a very risky step back in 1994, when VR was in it's infancy, and it featured an eye melting display, that could only be played for short stretches before intense headaches would start. It was doomed to failure not only becuase of it's sheer bulky size(Certainly for a piece of hardware in the Gameboy line), but becuase the tech was just not there to make it affordable with higher end specs.

Now with the Revolution, all sorts of ideas(FAKES) have been popping up on the internet, as to what the Revolution just might be. Everything from interactive holographs on the controller, a stereo-scopic projector, to even, yes, a VR headset. Now, while all these ideas may be indeed "Revolutionize" gaming, are they concurrent with Nintendo's own thinking, and past history?

Some yes, others no.

The most tantilizing of all the wacky mock-up's I've seen, is in the Nintendo ON video(For more on this subject, visit ANY gaming related website, or to see the video; )only becuase Nintendo has a past history WITH VR displays. Even though the VB was disastrous(Yokei actually left the company becuase of the fiasco) it was an idea, that on the surface, would "Revolutionize gaming, and more importantly, NOT change how games are played. You still need a gamepad for input, and analog sticks for movement. It could also be a peripheral, (from wich Nintendo has a grand history of,The dance pad for the NES, the "Glove" Rumblepack, expansion pack for the N64) making it something optional for the gaming masses, if they wished to purchase it to "enhance" thier gaming experience.

I don't know what the Revolution is. Very few select people even inside of Nintendo even know what it is. Hundreds of Internet bloggers, AIM messengers, free-webs users, and "insiders" CERTAINLY DO NOT, know what it is.(Proof of this is the DS, and Gameboy Micro. No one knew what they looked like either)

Whatever it is, I expect it to change gaming once again, but I also expect it to be an Evolution, as past history tells us Nintendo favours, not some poorly executed odd-ball, like many have suggested.

THIS is how I debunk these rumours so quickly, as History is often our best guide.(Not to mention some great help from the MozLaPunk messege forums, and Photshop whiz's)

Wi-fi solutions for those without a Wi-Fi Modem.

"I apologize for the confusion. If you have a Nintendo DS, then you do have wireless. Nintendo has announced plans to make a PC-compatible wireless network adapter to work with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (the wireless network for DS and Revolution). It will use a USB 2.0 connection.While we don't have any details yet, basically, instead of an accessory that will let you go non-wireless, this accessory will make your current internet connection compatible with Wi-Fi.We are really looking forward to the online capabilities of the system! Although we don't have any details yet, we have been assured that it will be very easy and affordable!"

Good news to those who didn't want to purchase a Wi-Fi router/Modem. Very good news, pricing is as yet to be announced.(I expect it to be within the 10-20$ range if History Holds with Nintendo's pricing.)

The MOTHER LOAD of fakes.

This is the best collection of all the fakes floating around the internet I could find. I encompesses everything you HAVE seen, and a whole bunch of things, yet to be uncovered. There are some real images thrown in there, but the vast majority of the pictures inside are NOT real people.

Included are some brand new, never before seen pics of the Nintendo ON system, as well as a bunch of fanmade Revolution "skins".

Enjoy this, as it will keep you occupied for quite some time;

Saturday, July 09, 2005

New Info, confirmed FACT.

The great guys over at (One of my personal faves) have a really nice interview up with , NOA Localization Producer, and world famous snowboarding legend, Nate Bihldorff. (Well, not really. People like to make up stories about Nintendo products, so why not make up stories about Nintendo employees?) Here's the link;

What was gained from the interview, of importance pertaining to the Nintendo Revolution, is that the controller will indeed, NOT be edible. CONFIRMED FACT. I for one am disapointed, becuase after a long day of playing a stero-scopic, VR, Holographic, and voice reactive Mario game, I can get hungry, and this would have been a perfect solution. To bad really. Maybe Nintendo will here our pleas for such an interactive digestible controller. One can only hope. Sorry to disapoint folks, more updates as they become available.

Friday, July 08, 2005

A couple of new things to squash.

Over at some Pictures are posted that claim to be actual Revolution screenshots. Not the case people. The screens in question are from the PS3 version of the game. From what I understand, there are NO actual screenshots of ANY Revolution game that have been released thus far.

For the exact same screen's, listed under the PS3 go here;

Sorry to dissapoint folks, but hey, it's my mission.

Next on the list is this new mock-up of the Revolutions controller;

This is a supposed "Ad" for the Revolutions controller. The understanding is that the Revolutions controller will not sport any kind of screen. FAKE.

The next item up for bid in the B.S. wars is this tiny little pic, that's supposed to reveal the "true" Revolution;

The first question that arises is why is the pic so small, that no one can read it, unless they go through photoshop, or get a real magnifying glass. Just absurd. Second, it apparantly refers to the On video, wich is a CONFIRMED FAKE.(It talks about "30 seconds to load) Third, it suggest's that the "real" Revolution is that it beams images directly into your eyes. I'm not going to get into how exactly the system would track your eye's as you move about, becuase the whole idea is just rediculous. FAKE. Don't waste your time people. Move on.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


The sheer insanity has now hit an all-time high. A new "mystery" has come to the fore-front, and it involves the website. Some new people, through Instant messeging, are claiming to be the originators of this site, and have been giving out "codes"(Numbers, that when translated through the gorgonbox, give out secret messeges. Yeah, and the super secret decoder ring you get in oofy-poofs cereal, proves the moon landings are fake) and are even, *prepare yourselves* claiming to be;

Aries=Reggie fils aime
LeoGRGN=Shigeru Miyamoto
virgoGRGN:=Satoru Iwata This is apparently the site that they all "meet up" and exchange details on how the n-game is coming along.

I can sum all of this great new intel up in one word: FAKE.

DO NOT waste your time following this lead up. I doubt, and I mean I DOUBT that 3 of the most influencial people in a MULTI-BILLION dollar company are speaking to each other, on a personal level, on a freewebs site. I'm not even going to get into just how absurd this sounds. Let's just leave it as a CONFIRMED FAKE.

And the game continues...

Well, it's time for something different. For the most part, most of my debunking is in the form of interent messege board members claiming to be shigeru miyamoto's personal assistant, or "insiders" who claim meetings in dark rooms for "invite only" showings of the Revolutions controller.

The newest rumour stems from a real site, dedicated to gaming, . They have a new piece about the Nintendo DS, and the new, and different titles bieng offered to the gaming public. Within the oddly written piece, are some strange comments, but nothing to far from the norm. The controversy stems from a photo included within the article, with the text reading, "revolution!".(Not shown in the link below. It just contains the picture in question.)

Many people, after seeing the picture claim that it is indeed NOT a picture, but a render from an up-coming unnamed Revolution game, or just a pic of what the Revolution is capable of. Well, thanks to kfresh97 from the MozLaPunk forums, this can now be debunked, and called just a regular photo. The next link provided, is a REAL photo from the same building, just a slightly different perspective;

Notice that the watermark on the center most tiles sticking up in the air, is the same.

Just a kooky, and oddly written piece people, with a funky looking picture. Not a screenshot of an up-coming Revolution game, or a tech demo of sorts.

Sorry to disappoint people. Here is a link to the original story;

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

King Dea and his imaginary controller.

King Dea, and his blog are back at it again, this time with an angry tone. Why you ask? Well, as he states, becuase of his "arch nemesis", wich, would be me. Flattery will get you no where fast "King", as I am here for one reason only;

To dispell the lies, and bad photoshops for what they are.

I find it interesting, that "King" would penalize his believers, for my blog, when "It's about time for the truth to be told." When "It's about time for the lies to be squashed." Not really eager to do both huh? Or did I somehow get the wrong meaning from;

"Well, I'll tell you what, because of you putting "some heat on this guy", I'll make you wait a little longer for everything I have to say"

Why wait "King"? I mean, why let some tiny little blog that MAYBE 10 people have read even once, stand in your way? Could it be that I struck a nerve? Or perhaps I flustered you just a tad? The problem with you, and MANY like you, is that you offer NOTHING in the way of proof. Is that really so difficult? Wouldn't it further your cause("It's about time for the truth to be told") to just get that out of the way, first thing? Isn't that your goal?

You ask the question in your blog, "although, I'm not sure what "truth" he(Me) has or can supply about the Nintendo Revolution"

I never claimed to be an "insider". Furthermore, MY goal, is not so different from yours, only IM not claiming to be someone I'm not. I am not here to tell people about the Revolution. I am here to put fake "insiders", and bad photoshoppers to rest, such as YOURSELF. That's it. I only seek the TRUTH about the Revolution.

You also state that I didn't confirm that you are a FAKE. You fit the M.O. of the "insider" to a tee. Can't take pictures, can't say what company you work for, and you WILL NOT provide any PROOF. Is it so hard to understand WHY I have deemed you to be a FAKE? You are asking people to believe you ONLY becuase you CLAIM to be an "insider". That's it, and that's where the problem arises.

You want to shut me up? Fine. Take the "PDF version of a manual" you have access to, and show it to the world. No pictures needed. My guess is that, you won't. How do I know this? Becuase your a fraud, plain and simple. You will NOT offer any proof, you will NOT say what company you work for, and you will NOT offer up any Pictures, becuase it "would be professional suicide".

No proof=FAKE. Plain and simple. At least those who claim to have seen ufo's have pictures "King". As of now, your actually less believeable then those people, if that's even possible.

As for my "badly incomplete" list of all U.K. based videogame developers, I also provided a link for a complete list of developers, had I missed any. That's my mistake. (The most updated one I could find)

Remember "King", the burden of PROOF is on you, as YOU are the one making the outlandish claims. Oops. Sorry people. I may have angered the "King", and you may have to wait even longer for the"Real" deal on the Revolutions controller. For that I am, really, really sorry.

Thanks for the personal insults, and keep up the good work. Without you, I don't have anything to debunk.

Some new junk to steer clear of.

Bad photoshop skills killed these two at the gates. And, with that another "insider bites the dust.

oxygenuk, who actually cuased quite a stir at the MozLaPunk forums, can now be called a CONFIRMED FAKE.

"unamed" at the very same forums, is alos a CONFIRMED FAKE.

Next up? Serious Sam. He supposedly has the goods, and is promising them within the week. Expect to see his name, along with a VERY poor rendition of "his" Revolution shortly.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Another FAKE. CONFIRMED FAKE. Fastest one ever. Followed the pattern to A TEE. These are his claims;

"It's about time for the truth to be told." "I'm going to put an end to all of that"(The lies)

He then writes this;

"I work for a third party developer. I can't really tell you which" " Yes, I have signed a confidentiality agreement"

He also claims to have seen the controller(Must have forgotten to bring his camera, cell-phone, anything that takes a picture) but won't tell us about it, untill the next time he post's. Wow, that's strange, right? Or is it that he wants people to clamour to his website, waiting with baited breath to read HIS lies? Over a period of time?~ "In the future, I will be able to reveal details about the Nintendo Revolution."

How long in the future? Nintendo is supposedly going to tell us all about the Revolution by the end of the year(Some say as early as August) so why wait? Spill it now. Unless of course, you need TIME to make up the lies you intend to propagate to the n-gamers out there.

This is why I created this blog. It needed to happen, just to cut through the unreal amounts of garbage that have taken over the Nintendo community.

This guy even has the gall to mention the crew over at the MozLaPunk forums. They do REAL investigating there pal, and they will see right thru your B.S.


I've done some research, and here is a list of all U.K. based videogame developers.(Seeing as how he says he is based in the U.K.) ( Edinburgh rockstar) (Rockstar)

Thanks to wikipedia for the list. For the full list of game developers;

That's the list of possible game developers this guys supposedly works at. Time to put some heat on this guy, and make some calls asking for a Steven D.(If that's his real name of course)

Here's you chance! Buy now!

I wonder what will happen if Nintendo decides to change the name? Someone will be out some hard-earned dough...

Btw, there are still 4 days left on the bidding, so you have plenty of time.

Bit O' Truth.

Thanks go out to thought-epiphany of the Moz forums, on an excellent find. Kudos to your hard work!

We have some confirmed truth, on the Nintendo Revolution. It may not be the Huge earth-shattering news that some blogs like to perpatrate as truth(Revolution now has a Toaster slot!) but what matters, is that it's REAL.

This what he found, through he tedious searching of a Japanese trademark website ;

Original site can be found here;

Other searches found these;

This is CONFIRMED FACT. Nintendo owns this trademark. The importance of the "V" in the picture is uknown at this time, but as soon as it's been CONFIRMED FACT, I'll post it.

Kudos to thought-epiphany of the MozLaPunk forums. Check out some of his work at the forums.

Links to other sites, that tell the TRUTH will be up shortly.

*update* It would seem that some of the links, show pictures of logo's that may not be part of the Nintendo revolution. I have taken those down, and left ONLY the ONE that is confirmed.


Thanks to DataSage from the MozLaPunk messege boards;


1.) "Why did I make this blog?" That's a good question, one that you should answer INMHS. FAKE. CONFIRMED. DO NOT keep going to his site, it only furthers the insanity.

2.) Cryptic, and idiotic messeges. FAKE. "The fire has lost it's flame" Huh? Maybe becuase there seems to be a limit on your originality. How bout this for a puzzle? YOUR EXTINGUISHED BUDDY. FAKE. DO NOT go to this site.

3.) I said I would seperate FACT from FAKE right? Wich catagory do you think this falls into? "Together with a mate I started this blog and made up some information about the Revolution. Please don't stop reading and start posting 'omg ass!' right now." OMG ASS! FAKE.-AVOID AT ALL COST'S.

If you want to play the n0game, with SMART, SERIOUS people, not those who wish to eat up the aformentioned garbage, go to ---> Have fun!

And away we go!

Okay, it's alot to take on, in one setting, but here is a list of CONFIRMED FAKES.(No proof provided)

1.)Aries-This guy comes from the Broken Saints blog, that pre-dated E3. Some claim that he was "spot on" in his prediction's, but alas, no proof was provided. No Pics, no links, no CONFIRMED TRUTH. He started the whole "blog" craze, and is mostly responsible for the insanity that has ensued.

2.)SeriousGamer-He said it so himself. He started out on the Nintendo forums, claiming all sorts of bogus info. Another one down, only 8Billion to go.

3.)Revolution "Ads"-No link to ANY official source=FAKE. No excuses.

4.)Nintendo "ON"-FAKE. Unless of course there is a cover up, that the CIA would be proud of, this is FAKE. The maker of this now famous "Internet scam" even did an interview with Like I said in my first post, "Fame or to propagate the n-game".

5.)Deeper_Throat(And any variation)-FAKE. Played mind games with the Nintendo faithfull over on the forums. Started e-mailing people, with "clues". As fast as these guys can shovel it, I'll try and expose them.

6.)Gemini-FAKE. Nice little blogspot you got there. He even went the "I don't speak very good english route". His claims are so outlandish, I cringe at his next installment. "Revolution to include zero-point energy" (btw, that's not real either)

7.)Osoko Tanaka-FAKE-Another "bad english" Blogger. Love how all these insiders can't speak english very well, but can seem to type it. Seems to me that if you have trouble speaking a language, typing it would be even harder. Make sense?

8.) -FAKE. Nice photoshop. I really like the added, goofy looking 05', to make it look "real". This is currently making the rounds at the Nintendo forums. Funny how it came from a "Japanese" website.

That's it for now. As they pop up, I'll shoot em' down. (Unless of course they are real, and I'll inform you of that as well.)

Revolution Truth:Is it out there?

I, like many of you "N-gamers", have become frustrated by the sheer AMOUNT of "insiders" popping up all over the interent, claiming to have the "inside" information on the upcoming Nintendo Revolution. These often are accompanied by some sort of excuse for not providing PROOF, wich may include;

"I don't speak very good english", "They don't allow cameras", "They will trace it back to me", e.t.c. e.t.c.

Now, as any good N-gamer knows, the REAL truth behind the Revolution, comes by linking together all the little tid-bits of information available, and breaking it down untill either;



There is no other answer. Period. Unless it comes in the form of an OFFICIAL NINTENDO PRESS RELEASE. Even so called "professional" sites can be duped, as we have all witnessed with the supposed "Patent Leak", called true, only to be altered quickly. Anyone can fall victim to the parade of hoaxers out there, and thier claims of insider status.

So, you must be asking, "why create another blog? There's enough out there already". Easy answer. I created this blog to DEFINATIVLY seperate those who tell the TRUTH, and those who do NOT. I will do this by labling every supposed source as either absolute FAKE, or TRUE. There is no inbetween. Your either someone who is doing this to get some exposure for your website, or doing it for the sole purpose of propagating the "n-game", by spreading lies. Wether or not your HONEST is for me to find out, and report. Any FAKE listing will remain under that status untill it is PROVEN TRUE.

This will be done by demanding that the supposed "insider" provide proof of thier insider status. No excuses, No B.S.

I hope to maintain this blog untill the REAL Revolution comes to light.

With that,

Have fun with the N-Game, but remember, unless PROOF is provided, take it with a grain of salt.

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