Tuesday, July 05, 2005

And away we go!

Okay, it's alot to take on, in one setting, but here is a list of CONFIRMED FAKES.(No proof provided)

1.)Aries-This guy comes from the Broken Saints blog, that pre-dated E3. Some claim that he was "spot on" in his prediction's, but alas, no proof was provided. No Pics, no links, no CONFIRMED TRUTH. He started the whole "blog" craze, and is mostly responsible for the insanity that has ensued.

2.)SeriousGamer-He said it so himself. He started out on the Nintendo forums, claiming all sorts of bogus info. Another one down, only 8Billion to go.

3.)Revolution "Ads"-No link to ANY official source=FAKE. No excuses.

4.)Nintendo "ON"-FAKE. Unless of course there is a cover up, that the CIA would be proud of, this is FAKE. The maker of this now famous "Internet scam" even did an interview with 1up.com Like I said in my first post, "Fame or to propagate the n-game".

5.)Deeper_Throat(And any variation)-FAKE. Played mind games with the Nintendo faithfull over on the Nintendo.com forums. Started e-mailing people, with "clues". As fast as these guys can shovel it, I'll try and expose them.

6.)Gemini-FAKE. Nice little blogspot you got there. He even went the "I don't speak very good english route". His claims are so outlandish, I cringe at his next installment. "Revolution to include zero-point energy" (btw, that's not real either)

7.)Osoko Tanaka-FAKE-Another "bad english" Blogger. Love how all these insiders can't speak english very well, but can seem to type it. Seems to me that if you have trouble speaking a language, typing it would be even harder. Make sense?

8.)http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v189/boltalightnin18/mariorev.jpg -FAKE. Nice photoshop. I really like the added, goofy looking 05', to make it look "real". This is currently making the rounds at the Nintendo forums. Funny how it came from a "Japanese" website.

That's it for now. As they pop up, I'll shoot em' down. (Unless of course they are real, and I'll inform you of that as well.)


Blogger Ted said...

hey. i wouldn't be so quick to count aries out. the only thing i've seen of his that has been proved false is his promise of a big suprise at e3. check this out. link.
take a look at all of these aries posts. i'm not soooo sure he's fake.

9:23 PM  
Blogger Ted said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:28 PM  

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