Thursday, July 07, 2005

And the game continues...

Well, it's time for something different. For the most part, most of my debunking is in the form of interent messege board members claiming to be shigeru miyamoto's personal assistant, or "insiders" who claim meetings in dark rooms for "invite only" showings of the Revolutions controller.

The newest rumour stems from a real site, dedicated to gaming, . They have a new piece about the Nintendo DS, and the new, and different titles bieng offered to the gaming public. Within the oddly written piece, are some strange comments, but nothing to far from the norm. The controversy stems from a photo included within the article, with the text reading, "revolution!".(Not shown in the link below. It just contains the picture in question.)

Many people, after seeing the picture claim that it is indeed NOT a picture, but a render from an up-coming unnamed Revolution game, or just a pic of what the Revolution is capable of. Well, thanks to kfresh97 from the MozLaPunk forums, this can now be debunked, and called just a regular photo. The next link provided, is a REAL photo from the same building, just a slightly different perspective;

Notice that the watermark on the center most tiles sticking up in the air, is the same.

Just a kooky, and oddly written piece people, with a funky looking picture. Not a screenshot of an up-coming Revolution game, or a tech demo of sorts.

Sorry to disappoint people. Here is a link to the original story;


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Hmm, they look like pikmin?


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