Friday, July 15, 2005

Direct response to Falafelkid.

First off, I'd like to thank you for finding out, exactly what this company has done for Nintendo. Kudos. (Even though I had already determined that for myself, I had neglected to include that in my story for the readers of this blog. Although, I did provide a link to the company, as well as the FAQ) The more things we can put to rest, the better as far as i'm concerned.

Secondly, even though, you sound upset with me(For reasons I can suppose, but I'd rather hear them from you) I consider your blog one of the finest, for Revolution information, and speculation. It always promises to be a good read.

On a side note, my story(Actually garnered from the gamespot forums) was exactly what I said it was, a confirmed partner with Nintendo, nothing more, nothing less. I didn't speculate as to if it was the "secret" of the Revolution, or otherwise. I just gave the heads up, what the company does, along with a link. I stated, throughout my post, that it MAY have something to do with the Revolution, as in the puzzle Iwata himself mentioned. I didn't go off the deep end, at any time. It is, what it is. A confirmed partner with Nintendo. The full extent of thier relationship is not known to me, nor is it known to you.

"I will forgive him for the spelling. But this guy is just another juvenile blogger spreading wild rumours like the majority of kids out there, without ever bothering to provide his readers with any kind of research.He claims to only put out stuff that is real. Instead, his journalistic routine involves no more than pressing Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V. Nothing else."

I have no problem with your opinion of me, that's your buisness. The personal insults I can do without though. If by "juvenile blogger" you mean new to this whole blog buisness, then yes, I am. When people branch out, and try new things, thier level of professionalism goes up with time, and I hope that mine does just that. (I also hope that the readers can bear with me)

If you somehow meant that I am a young kid, with nothing to do, you couldn't be more wrong. I do this for fun. It's a hobby,(Gaming) and it always has been. My age(28), or my profession(Film Maker) has nothing to do with this blog, or the quality of the contents within. I never claimed to be a journalist(Even though I did have some schooling on the profession) nor do I do an overwhelming amount of research. If you had read some of my earlier blogs, you would have understood that. I use alot of common sense, and help from the fine forum regulars over at the MozLaPunk forums, as well as other blogs, and messege boards strewn about the Internet.

Pointing out my spelling errors, is juvenile. Attacking me for posting an interesting story, about a company that indeed has ties with Nintendo, is juvenile. Attacking my person, is juvenile.

What matters to me, and it would seem to alot of the readers of this blog, is the truth, about the up-coming Nintendo Revolution, and the secret function(s) it may posses. Spreading "wild rumours" is for blogs, other than mine. It's the reason for just posting the link, and what the company does, along with the fact that Nintendo is a client of thiers. Everything else, I left to the messege boards, and blogs. (The word Juicy, was included becuase it was the first time, a DIRECT LINK was found between a company providing a form of VR, and Nintendo)

In ending this rebuttal to your blog, I suppose I could call you names, and point out various spelling errors, but whats the point? You and me both, share a common theme;

We want to know what the "Revolution" is.

That's why I will continue to provide the readers of this blog, with a direct link to your blog, so that they may enjoy reading your fine work, and speculation.

Keep up the good work my friend, and I hope to read something of yours very soon,



Blogger Falafelkid said...

Hi. Listen, I didn´t mean to flame. But I just don´t think it´s right to pretend to be the big rumour squasher and then post stuff like that. And did I understand your reply correctly? You actually read this comment and didn´t post it? Why would you do that? The client being NOA already meant they had nothing to do with any hardware, that´s all Japan. And it specifically mentioned an E3 presentation. So this is a crucial bit of information. If you really did see it before, why didn´t you post it? We are responsible for putting out all the info available to us, so our readers can make up their minds themselves (and without having to research any of this themselves). We should provide them with all we know and can possibly find out (given certain time constraints, of course). That is the reason why they come to our blogs.

I have visited your blog a number of times and found it somewhat helpful, but it always seemed to me that you didn´t really go out of your way to research things properly. All you seemed to do was comment on things, labeling them as ´fake´, or ´possibly real´. But you didn´t actually check, send out mails, make calls. It´s hard alongside the job. I´m 32 and work in television, so I guess we are both pertty wrapped up in our jobs. But without that, posting stuff becomes irrelevant.

Again, I don´t mean to have a go at you. And if I called you a kid, it was because I really thought you were quite young. Sorry if that sounded disrespectful. I apologize for that. But I would ask you to consider that what you did with the aforementioned post is to spread more rumours, when you could have copied one sentence from the corprate website to prove the rumours wrong.

Just go over that ´juicy tidbit´ quote of yours one more time and ask yourself if you really did write this down the way it appeared to you - or if you didn´t inflate the story a bit (perhaps to get more clicks). Because that´s how it seemed to me. I just suggest you research things before you post and present them the way they are, or appear to you at the time. If you found my comments insulting, again, I apologize.

12:38 PM  
Blogger DlphnMod said...

Ok let's relax guys. The whole reason we read each other's blogs is to keep a system of checks and balances. When this whole thing is over we will be visiting each others' towns in animal crossing and beating each other up in Smash Bros.

I look forward to it!

12:56 PM  
Blogger TruthSeeker said...

No problem falafelkid. The reason I posted it, was becuase it was the real first concrete evidence of Nintendo, and a VR manufacturer working together. I would have just glossed over the sucker, had Nintendo's name, NOT been in the listing. It got my attention, right off the bat. As for listing it even AFTER i read what they have done for Nintendo in the past, it was, as I stated, to big to pass up on. Me, nor does anyone else know the full details of thier buisness transactions.

As for the big "rumour squasher" man, I hope to be able to do that. I work in conjunction with you, and other blogs. Using common sense is my best asset, along with TONS of people on various messege boards. I hold NO claim to fame, other then what I see as fake, and what has been proven by others as FAKE, I go for the throat. I don't mess around. I have some rules, and one of the BIG ONES is proof. If your going to claim something, you better have some proof.

Nothing more, nothing less. That's WHY this listing, with NIntendo's name on it, along with stereo-scopic 3-D, was such a huge deal. Actuall proof of some biusness dealings, to go along with what they have already provided.

As for people making up thier own minds, they are going to do that wether or not I exist.

All I know is this, the company listed, has done some work with NIntendo in the past, and present. They use stereo-scopic 3-D, and while I understand that Nintendo of Japan handles the hardware, that's not to say that they havn't contracted out materials, and the rights to this technology. THAT is the seculative part of the story, thus the reasoning for me NOT speculating about it.

I know, and in hindsight the "juicy" bit was over-the-top, but it is exciting to see the link, no matter how small it is.

Let me ask you this Falafel;

What's worth more? Investigating the deal between these two companies, or some random blogger claiming to have the "inside scoup" with a rep of ATI?

One has obvious advantages, becuase it contains truth to it, the other is pure BS.

I hope this clears up, becuase your site is super valuable to me, and the readers of every blog pertaining to the "Revolution,


1:01 PM  
Blogger MSG said...

Falafelkid, cool down. There is no fight between the blogs or something else.

Truthseeker makes good work, yeah a lot better than you. And it looks like you only have wait for a little mistak on him to kick his ass. And that sucks.

4:38 PM  
Blogger Falafelkid said...

Hi Truthseeker. I agree with what you have written. I´m just still wondering why you didn´t post the info on that company only having supplied equipment for Nintendo´s E3 booth. You must have realised this bit of info proved the whole thing had nothing to do with the Rev.

@msg: Who did get to the bottom of this rumour? I did.

6:11 AM  
Blogger Prema said...

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8:43 AM  
Blogger Prema said...

What Falafelkid is doing in his blog, digging real deep in rumors to find informations. He is doing a very good job by massive research over days sometimes weeks.Reading his "Thinking outside the box" article i even got a bit worried about his harmony betweet common human sence and the danger of extrem logcal thinking.
Truthseeker on the other hand tries to get them all. All the "leaks", all the bloggers, posters, messanger guys...etc. So he is trying to get the big picture, sometimes missing the deep research, because it is very time consuming. He should add falaffelkids findings into his article as an other proof of FAKE and go on to the next rumor. Work hand in hand guys, work together!
Best wishes

8:45 AM  
Blogger Falafelkid said...

Hi Prema. Thanks for your comments. You´re absolutely right. I very much rely on blogs like Truthseeker´s to get me started, to make calls or write mails to people. So I do value his work. And he said he values mine. We both link to each other´s blogs, at any rate.

Like I said, I didn´t mean to flame. I am just very curious why he decided to leave that bit of info out that would have revealed the truth about that story. Language-wise, I may have gone slightly overboard, though. For that, I do apologize to Truthseeker.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Praxis said...


For the final proof that Mr. SeriousGamer007 is a fake...

Quoted is the third interview with him (I was AFK when he had the first two but I was invited so I have the recordings, but they aren't posted there). This time I took him apart. Other than this imbecile DarkStar, who kept shouting at me to shut up, nobody even attempted to defend him. I ripped up his claims on cube-mapping, and his specs claims. Additionally, the "Xenias" pictures he's been posting were proved to have been ripped directly from DeviantArt and two different ATi tech demos (only one is showed in this thread however).

Feel free to quote any of it you want in your blog :)

4:34 PM  
Blogger bullshit said...

You guys sound like a bunch of women. Stop it already.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

Ok heres the deal. I have been following every piece of Nintendo Revolution news dating all the way back from MEGATON to Nintendo ON to whatever. I have kept every good Nintendo Rumor ever. Over hundreds of sources. Everything detail from Nintendo ON to about 200 controller mockups, over 100's of fake and mysterious interviews plus every piece of Nintendo related news coming straight from the Nintendo. I have put all of it here: (Click Games Then Topic "Nintendo Revolution News, Speculation, And Discussion!" thats stickied at the top. Enjoy! Leave feedback and ask questions.

I can guranteed you will never find a better source of Nintendo news and rumors anywhere on the net. I visit over 20 blogs a day, GameFaqs, Nintendo Fourms, GameSpot, IGN, ETC! I have posted EVERYTHING thats relevant in the above topic.

P.S: If you check the link out you will probably think this is worth stickying. At lease check it out before flaming me.

NOTE: The newest news is in the later pages. I update this site several times a day. My Nintendo section is even featured on hit blog sites like: (Check Top Post About EGM Scans)

And for those who think I am spamming then at least check it out. If your unhappy then you can flame me all you want.

1:32 AM  

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