Saturday, July 23, 2005

Going out on a limb.

I, after having throughly investigated the audio heard here;

can now state, that the call, and the words contained within the audio are in fact real.

Several reasons why this is the case, I will now outline;

Myself, along with Thought-Epiphany of the MozLaPunk forums, have made several calls to the Emagin Company (The Seattle branch: Virtual Vision, Inc.7659 178th Place N.E.Redmond, WA 98052) and the voices heard on the Audio recording, are in fact, the same people at this particular branch. The female operator is the same, and the man called Bruce, is real as well.

There is no debate as to the authenticty of the call, or the people heard on the recording. 100% FACT. What is NOT known at this time, is what the metting was about, or of any deal was struck between the two companies.

There are alot of debates as to what the nature of the meeting(s) are about. Everything from the headset display, to the suggestion that Emagin is going to produce the screen for the upcoming GBA Micro.(Although the likelyhood of them producing the screen for the GBA Micro is slim.)

I have also researched Emagin's 2003 Annual Report , and have come across several tantilizing portions, that I will now share with you;

"We believe that our head-wearable display products will enhance the following consumer products: • Entertainment and gaming video headset systems, which permit individuals to view television, including HDTV, video CDs, DVDs and video games on virtual large screens or stereovision in private without disturbing others. Even though entertainment and gaming headsets represent an emerging product class, we are seeing demand from OEMs. Headset game systems for portable computers with head tracking and/or stereovision appears to be our predominant high quantity near term market opportunity, with several customers indicating an interest in large production quantities of our displays. Our current SVGA-3D display was designed specifically for this market. We believe that these new headset game systems can provide a game or telepresence experience not otherwise practical using conventional direct view display technology. We expect low cost to be important for success in this field, and expect our product cost to decrease in high quantity production. At the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show, Leadtek Research Inc. (Taiwan) announced that it was planning to introduce a consumer HMD using eMagin SVGA-3D displays."


"An OEM design cycle typically requires between 6 and 24 months, depending on the uniqueness of the market and the complexity of the end product. New product development may require several design iterations prior to commercialization. Some of our initial customers have completed their initial evaluation cycle and we are now receiving follow-on orders and notification of product purchase decisions. Several customers have indicated their intent to incorporate potentially high volumes of our microdisplays into consumer products beginning in 2004 15 through 2006, pending successful completion of their own product development efforts." As of December 31, 2003 we had a backlog of purchase agreements of approximately $30 million. The majority of our backlog consists of purchase agreements for delivery over the next 24 months. Most purchase orders are subject to rescheduling or cancellation by the customer with no or limited penalties. Because of the possibility of customer changes in delivery schedules or cancellations and potential delays in product shipments, our backlog as of a particular date may not be indicative of net sales for any succeeding period. Lack of working capital through the early part of 2003 delayed our ability to ship the full quantity of purchase agreements and purchase orders on hand, and has required negotiations with customers for delays in product launch schedules. Some customers have experienced delays in their expected product launch schedules due to their own product development delays not directly related to our microdisplays.

I am in no way stating that Nintendo will include a 3D-Visor with the Revolution, I am mearly showing the relevance of what is included in Emagin's 2003 report. Go through it for yourself, and determine what you will.

Another interesting concept has been theorized by MozLaPunks very own Thought-Epiphany. You can read it here;

Remember, the only thing I am telling you, the reader, is that the phone-call, and the voices heard on the recording, are in FACT, 100% REAL.


Blogger Iris said...

Some good research there. If that is Nintendo in a meeting with this company then it opens some interesting possabilities. It would also explain what Reggie means when he keeps saying "outside the box" and "breaking the old paradigm".....

I personally think it's unlikely, though. It seems like that wouldn't be very cost effective, unless they create a headset that doesn't cost much to produce. Although, at the same time it does seem as if the "customer" they're talking about in their report is Nintendo.....

If a headset is one of the Revolution's features then Nintendo should announce it as soo as possible. That would qilence some of their critics for sure :D

11:25 PM  
Blogger MSG said...

People. Forget this blog. He was a good one but that is now shit and has nothing to do with the revolution.

Theres no revolution TRUTH anymore.

4:02 AM  

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