Tuesday, September 13, 2005

AMN credibility at all-time low.

In an attemp to draw more traffic to thier collection of websites,( gcadvanced.com dsadvanced.com e.t.c.) Ray, of Gamecube-advanced(Editor in chief-news) boasted of a large announcement on September 13th, 2005. In his own words;

"Haha - this date will be stamped on gamers' minds FOREVER.I'll have more for each of you soon. It's YOUR JOB to spread the word about this date. If you don't you'll be sorry when the news hits."

Well, it would seem that he is correct, just not in the way he thought. September 13th is now going to live in the minds of gamers, as the day that he, and AMN, failed. Harsh words, but after so many disappointments, and out-right lies concerning Nintendo's up-coming "Revolution", one would think that a gaming site, with everything to lose would do thier homework.

As always, wait for OFFICIAL word from Nintendo. Anything else is either a lie, or a half-baked idea gone wrong.

I would suggest www.nintendo.com seeing as how even larger media groups can't seem to get things right.

Here, is the retraction posted in the forums; http://forums.advancedmn.com/showthread.php?t=11679


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