Friday, September 16, 2005

And the truth shall set you free....

Well, Nintendo displayed thier Revolutionary controller, and after a night to think about what is possible with this new device, and after an inital "angry" moment, I have come to realize just how great this controller is. Now, with that said I will have to actually use it to fully understand it, but the sheer number of things, and NEW genres that are now a reality, boggles the mind.

Hats off to Nintendo for taking a bold step to make videogames fun, and different again. I got the same feeling after watching the teaser video of the controller, as I did when I first witnessed Super Mario64. That feeling doesn't come around often, and should be embraced when it does.

Not often does the leader in an industry completly change said industry, and take such a massive risk, just for it's customers.

I for one cannot wait for the first time I face gannon, and have an actuall sword fight with the man himself. I cannot wait for the first time I play a FPS with this controller, and pump the shotgun myself. Thinking of playing a new Resident Evil, in wich it's pitch black, and I use a flashlight to peer around corners makes my blood chill.

There are many, many more applications for such new, and wonderous technology it would take me 10pages to even begin to express my excitment. The part that interests me the most, is the fact that this controll set-up is PERFECT for a future VR application. It's going to come, and I hope that it's Nintendo leading the way, becuase it seems that they are the only company left, willing to take such a leap of faith into the unknown.

I will continue my blog, becuase new things will always be coming from Nintendo. I will also start posting reviews of games that I play.

On this very special post, I would also like to tell all those other bloggers, mainly Seriousgamer007, and KingDEA, that becuase of your own stupidity, your blogs are finished. No one cares anymore about your lies.

Oh, and KingDEA, This kind of makes your little "tiff" with me all the more laughable doesn't it?

I hate to say it, but "I TOLD YOU SO."


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Dude, I've got the scoop on the Revolution, it's called the Nintendo Wii, don't ask me where I got it, NDA, but I got it my friend, SPREAD TEH WORD

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